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Terms of Use

Ownership of name

The full name of the association is Hartlepool Special Needs Support Group, herein referred to as HSNSG.

Ownership of copyright in website materials

All materials (including without limitation all articles, text, images, etc.) are Copyright © 2005 Hartlepool Special Needs Support Group unless otherwise stated.

Disclaimer of liability for accuracy of website materials

Hartlepool Special Needs Support Group endeavours to ensure that the contents of its website are accurate and up to date. However, it will not accept liability for any loss or damage or inconvenience caused by either the use of or the inability to use its website information. No warranty is given as to the completeness of the information given.

It also takes no responsibility for the contents of linked websites and links should not be taken as an endorsement of any kind. It has no control over the availability of the linked pages. Any references on this website to third party goods or services do not constitute or imply endorsement by HSNSG unless expressly so stated.

If you are aware that any of the information here contains mistakes or needs updating, please tell us.

Privacy statement relating to the use of data collected directly through the website

Hartlepool Special Needs Support Group is the data controller of all personal information collected from this site, except where the site itself specifically indicates otherwise.

It only processes personal information collected openly from you as you travel through the site. Data generated does not, however, contain personal information, but simply records how many people access particular pages.

Any personal information collected by it will be processed for one of its charitable purposes. Explanations will be given at the point of the collection (e.g. suggest an activity form) about how your data will be used.

When you enter parts of the site where data is controlled by other companies, this will be indicated on the site itself.

If you use standard e-mail for communication with HSNSG, this will not be protected and you should be aware that HSNSG cannot guarantee that it remains confidential whilst in transit.

Linking to HSNSG´s website:

Permission must be sought before creating a text link from your website to HSNSG´s website.

Using screen shots of the website

You may use screen shots of the HSNSG website in print only with HSNSG´s permission. Screen shots must appear without any alteration to the copy or graphical images. When using a screen shot, you must include the URL (website address) of the HSNSG website and give credit to HSNSG as follows: Reprinted with permission from (URL here).

For further information please contact info@hsnsg.org.uk